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The Vienna Board of Education was founded in 1922 and is responsible for the running of more than 700 schools – primary to upper secondary - in the Viennese metropolis.

 “Nomen est omen”: the European Office is a department within the Viennese Board of Education responsible for the development, implementation and supervision of a wide range of language learning initiatives, as well as projects that aim at an increased exposure and understanding of the European dimension.

It is also the contact point for international and in particular European affairs.Vienna Board of Education LP Photo

  • Initiating, planning, and implementing projects co-financed by the European Union for particular types of schools and for the City of Vienna. This includes the application process, contact with the responsible EU authorities and institutions as well the content-related implementation, administrative, financial, media coverage, reporting and accounting processes.
  • Development and supervision of modern language initiatives                            Developing and compiling plans for modern language initiatives including the necessary staff planning – in particular regarding native speaker teachers; coordinating enrolment procedures; advising and counselling the on-going teaching process; co-ordinating evaluation and media coverage.
  • International contacts to foreign institutions such as the European Commission, the Council of Europe, embassies, and cultural institutes.
  • Co-ordinated information and documentation of international programmes and activities, in particular, European Union educational projects.
  • Media coverage of the current projects, e.g. the organisation of PR events to promote these projects.
  • Language Workshops for the languages of the neighbouring regions in CENTROPE: language workshops in Slovak, Czech, and Hungarian for pupils, and language experts, as well as activities and in-service training for teachers from the CENTROPE region.


The Region of ViennaVienna Board of Education University of Vienna LP PP2 Coat of arms of Vienna

The 1.73 million metropolis Vienna is the capital and by far the largest city in Austria, as well as its cultural, economic and political centre. This city situated on the River Danube is a melting-pot of cultures and art from various styles and epochs. According to various surveys, Vienna is considered as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Vienna is host to many major international organisations, including the United Nation sand OPEC. Each year since 2005, Vienna has been the world’s number one destination for international congresses and conventions. Vienna attracts about five million tourists a year.

The economic sectors with the highest growth potential in the Region of Vienna are healthcare, life science, ICT, eco-industry and creative industries.LP PP2 Vienna photo

Creative Industries: Creativity is a serious business in the Vienna Region. Over 100,000 people work in this sector. This is one reason why the generation of innovative ideas and efforts in fashion, design, music, multimedia, graphic arts, architecture, and literature is being fostered and promoted. The creative industries represent one of the most important and fast growing sectors in Vienna.

Information and communication technologies: With almost 10,000 IT companies and a workforce of 70,000, Vienna is one of Europe’s largest ICT locations and is considered the CEE capital of information technology. Numerous Austrian companies and multinationals have chosen Vienna as their headquarters to do business in Central and Eastern Europe.

Green-economy: Vienna has a leading-edge position in renewable energy and green-economy. The Vienna Region offers an outstanding cluster of proficiencies in the cutting-edge fields of eco-construction, solar energy, and biomass. 



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