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The Budapest College of Communication and Business (BKF) is the largest privately owned higher education institution in Hungary, with about 6.000 students. We have 3 campuses in Budapest and one in the southern part of Hungary, Hódmezővásárhely. All of our educational buildings are fully equipped with modern teaching facilities.

Our college has a wide range of BA and MA studies in the fields of business, marketing, arts, media, communication and tourism. DSCF2196 2Our institution’s chosen motto „Inspired by creativity” is not just a slogan for us. Effective communication at our College is not only a professional program but also part of the everyday routine in each field of our training courses. Our career-ready graduate students – regardless of their type of degree – receive solid professional grounding and excellent communication skills to help them succeed in the highly competitive and rapidly changing world of the labour market.

Besides providing education of an outstanding standard, the other priority of BKF is to improve the employment chances of its students. Therefore, the College has established the Career Centre to provide students with the opportunity of acquiring complementary skills fostering an easy entry into the labour market. Also, our Career Centre organizes trainings for all of our students to improve their creative skills.

We regularly organize short-term trainings for the SME sector, in the fields of communication, time management, project management, etc.

Considering adult education, BKF has organised more than 350 trainings for more than 70 SME’s in the last 5-6 years. We’ve established good cooperation with the main actors of the labour market (i.e. chamber of commerce, labour offices, public administration, multinational companies, and media).


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Budapest, the capital of Hungary is situated along the Danube, in  the heart of the Carpathian basin. Hilly Buda, which comprises  one-third of the city’s area of 525 km² is located along the right  bank of the Danube surrounded by low mountains. Across the  river sprawls flat Pest. The geology of Budapest has played a determining role in the city’s life over the course of history. Hot springs breaking through limestone mountains supplying water of 35-76 degrees centigrade gave rise to a flourishing culture of spas in the Roman Age and made Budapest one of the most popular spa cities of Europe


The population of Budapest is about 1.774 million, 17% of the country’s population.

Budapest is the economic centre of the country. All branches of its economy, except agriculture, have national significance. The economic transformation of the capital is driven by the dynamics of business, financial services and trade, with foreign investments being mainly directed to the services sector. bp 20121112


263,000 active businesses are located in Budapest (2002) which is 28% of the national figure. Although the problems following the economy's restructuring culminated here, it was the most flexible area to adjust to the new requirements.


In relation to Budapest's weight in the other industrial sectors, its importance in research and development is disproportionately high. More than two-fifths of the country's research establishments are located in Budapest, employing 53% of its researchers and receiving nearly two-thirds of the funds devoted to this sector.


The city leaders consider it their fundamental task to make Budapest a liveable and pleasant city. A place where local people and visitors can find a variety of leisure activities and entertainment. Walking around the city, visitors are lured by a multitude of cafés and restaurants with terraces, particularly in the increasing number of pedestrian zones. 





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