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PP5 coat of armsCity of Stuttgart, the Economic Development Department, Germany

Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg situated in the southwest of Germany. It is Germany’s sixth-largest city with around 600,000 inhabitants. Stuttgart and its surrounding area are one of the most high-performing economic regions in Europe.

In order for Stuttgart to position itself as a successful economic location in the future, targeted promotion and support of companies and investors are required. 

This is the mission of the Stuttgart Economic Development Department which reports directly to the Mayor. It defines its role as a service partner for companies, investors, start-ups and scientists. It is the goal to promote the economic dynamics in Stuttgart.

Accordingly, the department with its 15 staff members offers a multitude of services to their clients and economic actors. The main tasks are: PP5 Photo Town Hall

  • We assist companies in selling and locating real estate and we help them clarifying issues relating to planning, construction permits, funding and financing.
  • We assist business partners in identifying national and international partners, including interfaces between business and science.
  • The Service International provides foreign companies interested in relocation to Stuttgart as well as German companies planning business activities abroad, with comprehensive consultancy, information and assistance tailored to their business needs.
  • We advice start-ups and young entrepreneurs with several services.
  • We support the dynamic sector of the creative industry.

Most recently, in a study three key competencies were identified with regard to the City of Stuttgart. These key competencies lend the city a unique profile and are vitally important for our city´s future economic development.

These future fields are:

1. Technological sustainability,

2. Knowledge for tomorrow and

3. Urban life.

The department has started to gear the range of services towards these future fields.


Stuttgart Region PP5 coat of arms

The City of Stuttgart ranks among the most important economic locations in Germany. The Stuttgart Metropolitan Region with a population of more than 3.5 million attracts numerous regional and international companies. It is also Germany´s leading export region. Compared to other economic locations, Stuttgart and the Stuttgart region are perfectly positioned, also relating to growth, employment, purchasing power and investment and the great diversity of innovative fields of research.

The high tech industries are the key industries of the city of Stuttgart as well as that of the entire region. Numerous products which are manufactured here are identified with a long tradition, innovation, excellent quality and outstanding success. Behind this success are global players such as Daimler, Porsche, Bosch, Kärcher, and a multitude of SMEs which are successful competitors in global markets. PP5 Photo Stuttgart Thereby, the companies located in the Stuttgart region contribute to the excellent international reputation enjoyed by the city of Stuttgart. Stuttgart’s economy is well known for its competencies in the fields of mobility, aerospace, mechanical engineering, financial services, IT, media, health, and tourism. 

Stuttgart’s innovative excellence is reflected in a number of research fields, new green technologies especially, development of new materials, sustainable environmental and energy technologies, IT and communication.

However, Stuttgart is not only synonymous with premium quality in high tech, but also with the highest standard of culture, lifestyle and quality of life. An exciting cultural environment with e.g. the famous Stuttgart ballet, a wide spectrum of sports and leisure activities as well as the surrounding countryside with its woods and vineyards make Stuttgart a very attractive place to live and work. And this is why 170 nations enjoy living in Stuttgart.


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